I am a military wife currently stationed abroad, but for the majority of my life I was a small town girl who was a tomboy. Within the past 5 years I've started to discover my girlie side, and in the process I have discovered the world of indie nail polish. So that is what the focus of my blog is about; my journey of learning how to properly paint my nails, discovering indie brands, and eventually testing out different nail art designs.

Right now I'm mainly focusing on swatches, because if my husband gets the new job he has applied for then I will be on a no-buy until he finishes his training so I want to save the nail art for that time. I'm also focusing more on swatches right now because I want to get the technique down since I haven't painted my nails since early high school (or maybe it was just before I can't remember for sure lol).

Also, I just wanted to mention that all nail polishes shown on this blog are bought by me, and I will give my honest opinion about them. I am not being compensated for my reviews. It is purely my own interests/opinions that prompt my reviews. I will try to provide as much information about brands and provide links to their websites (or facebook page) for the reader in case they are interested in the polish I am reviewing.

In the future if I am lucky enough to be given the chance to review for a brand and am given free samples I will still give my honest opinion about the polish.

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