Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: "Husbands Just Don't Understand" from Above The Curve

Through Kim over at Overall Beauty I found out about this indie brand called Above the Curve. Above The Curve is an indie brand who make 3-free and cruelty free. In addition Above the Curve donates $1 of every polish sold to Shriner's Children Hospital (which kinda makes me love them more!). After hearing about their charity donation and viewing their lovely polishes I decided to try one they called "Husbands Just Don't Understand". Not only did the name alone make me smile but the color just called out to me.

clear base, two coats, clear topper

Husbands Just Don't Understand is a teal blue holo polish. I had no problems with application, it went on totally smooth. I used two coats of it but you could probably get away with just one. I honestly love this polish! The color is beautiful and boy does it sparkle! Unfortunately for me when I was wearing it I had to endure nothing but cloudy days until the final day I was wearing it. So I took a couple of quick photos of it before I decided to change my mani.

Finally got some sunshine

So much sparkle O.O <3

I seriously can't say enough good things about this polish, and I am definitely going to be buying more from Above the Curve. It's such a great cause that they're donating to and they make beautiful polish! In fact they just came out with their fall collection you should head on over to their website to check it out: Above the Curve

Just on a side note... I have to say. I'm proud of myself with my progress so far. My nail painting is improving and I'm getting better at taking photos, though I'm still learning on the editing process of cropping and labelling haha Still... I think I'm getting into the swing of things :)

Until next time

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: "First Contact" from My Ten Friends

So first off I just want to talk about the organic nail polish remover I got, and the only thing that comes to mind is I LOVE IT! Love, love, love it! This stuff doesn't stink, doesn't burn my skin, and takes off my nail polish even easier than the chemical one did. It is called Karma Organics Nail Polish Remover. It comes in 3 'scents'. I chose the unscented version and may try their other two later on. Seriously if you're looking for an organic nail polish remover you need to grab this stuff.

Just an fyi if you do want to try this nail polish remover... it is soy based so if you have an allergy to soy i'm afraid you'll need to look elsewhere. If you do not have a soy allergy this stuff ROCKS!

Now onto the nail polish review of "First Contact" from My Ten Friends.

This is a nude based glitter polish that has different sized black and silver glitter and a bunch of holo glitter as well. It is soooo gorgeous. I think to make this polish pop I would use a nude or champagne base color in the future, but even by itself this polish is gorgeous and sparkles a ton in the sunlight. I actually (FINALLY!) got some sunshine this week so I was able to get some sunlight shots, and tried my best to capture the awesome sparkle this polish has.

Another great polish from My Ten Friends. If you're looking for a glamorous sparkle to add to  your night out definitely put some of this on! I may even wear this to a formal function I have later this year if it goes with the dress I ordered. So lovely!

Can't wait to share more awesome polishes with you all!

Until next time

Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: "Mint To Be" from Girly Bits

Now that I've tested out the glue way of taking of glitter polish (which is fabulous!) I decided I should try out the organic nail polish remover I bought. So I did my mani sans glue this time. This time around I decided to try out an Indie Brand called Girly Bits that's based in Ontario Canada. All polishes are 3 free and cruelty free. They also sell supplies for franken polishes.

The first polish from Girly Bits I decided to review is called "Mint to Be" which is a mint green creme. It is the first time I've used a creme nail polish, and just as a note for others who have yet to try a creme, it takes a couple minutes longer to dry compared to other nail polish types. Hence the small dings in my mani in some photos.

I used one coat of a clear base coat, 2 coats Mint To Be, and one coat of a clear top coat. I had no problems applying the polish it went on very smooth, and you might not even need 2 coats, 1 might be sufficient for opacity. I did 2 just in case since I did mine at night time, and wasn't sure if it would show through in the morning light. I took some photos during the evening and during the morning so you can see the way it looks in different light.

This polish is super lovely! I love the color, and it was so easy to apply. I just need to remember to let it dry an extra couple of minutes before getting back to my daily routine. I can't wait to try more of their polishes. I will let you know in my next review how it goes trying to remove it with the organic nail polish remover.

Until next time.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: "Precog" from My Ten Friends

I just wanted to touch base on my experiment with Elmer's glue as a base for my heavy glitter polishes. And really all I have to say is, it is AWESOME! The glitter peeled off easily, so much better than struggling for over twenty minutes trying to remove it with harsh nail polish remover. I took some photos to show it, but sadly they came out blurry but I think they still get the point across.

Anyways thanks again to Mei-Lynn over at My Ten Friends for her great tip on the glue base. I really didn't want to remove the polish because Starry Night is so gosh darn beautiful, but I needed to test out the removal process, and finding it easy I went ahead and did a new mani using My Ten Friends "Precog".

It's hard to pin down an accurate color to pin on the base because depending on the light it will either look more green or more of a grayish blue. Nonetheless is it beautiful and has different sizes of teal and gold glitter. It is just chalk full of sparkle and so very lovely! The application was easy and I had no trouble getting plenty of glitter. I did one coat of glue as a base, two coats of Precog and then a clear top coat.

Such a beautiful polish! I'm sorry I couldn't get more photos of it looking more green but there is still nothing but rainy weather here so unfortunately no sunlight shots were possible. I was actually worried this polish would need a base color to make it pop but after using it I don't think so. I mean it would probably look fabulous with a color base coat but its still dazzling without one. Once again a great polish from My Ten Friends. Definitely can't wait to do more mani's.

Until next time.